• Non-Invasive and completely safe (No harmful radiation)
  • About 15-20 minutes for a full horse scan
  • Scans are done at your location; you won’t have to trailer
  • Reports are reviewed and interpreted by a Veterinarian specialized in Equine Thermography, then submitted to your local state-licensed veterinarian for submission to the client
  • Costs are reasonable and include Veterinary interpretation.
  • Discounts are available for multiple horses at the same location
  • Call 888-SCAN-4-IR (888-722-6447) or fill survey request for pricing in your area

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Left Side

Right Side, Fracture

Cannon Bone Fracture

Nerve Damage

Since animals cannot speak, it has been difficult for caretakers to truly identify hidden or masked conditions. Now with infrared thermal imaging, many of these physiological and anatomical issues are exposed at a much earlier stage. Early detection = early prevention.

Anatomical imaging, such as x-ray, lacks specificity and fails in the ability to see soft tissue conditions.

Physiological imaging, such as infrared imaging, has the ability to not only see tissue conditions but can also recognize areas that are indicative to anatomical issues.